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Business Wise is Helping America Work Again

Tired of calling customer service and getting someone that does not speak English very well only to find out they are in India or the Philippines? Outsourcing has been a big controversy for several years and Business Wise is trying to help bring customer service back to the United States. Business Wise hires people to do customer service for several different national companies. The best part about this is those people work from their home and can live anywhere in the United States.

The economic value of working from home is great. No gas expense, no uniform or clothing expense, no lunch expense, and since Business Wise hires as contract labor, you can write off part of your mortgage/rent and utilities on your taxes. The employees also choose which company they wish to work for and can choose their hours. The comfort value is also great. Work in pajamas and bunny slippers if you wish. No one will see you except your family and pets.

These jobs start out part time which will require 15 to 25 hours a week, with 3 to 5 of those hours to be worked on the weekends depending on who the certification is with. The wages are hourly; however, get a raise anytime by adding more hours or by certifying with a second company. Employees can choose to work mornings, afternoons or evenings or any combination of the three.

If this sounds like something that you or someone you know might be interested in, Business Wise is hiring now.

Let’s Get America Working Again!

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